Early Season | Mountain Sledder
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Mountain Sledder | October 19, 2018

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Early Season | Mountain Sledder

Early Season

I’ve been out three times now with limited success, yet nothing but smiles are flowing.  Each time has been substantially better then the time before, and yesterday I have to say, showed signs of potential! 

I dug my first pit of the year, not by choice, but maybe we could call it convenience…I had my first ‘STUCK’ of the year!  In the past I have always been quite unhappy about this, but maybe I’m getting older, or simply wiser, but getting stuck is a part of sledding and if you are getting stuck, that means there is plenty of snow! 

The pit was a little disturbing, but not surprising. There was a heavy rain crust buried over three feet deep, a great
sliding surface. Although we had hard results when we tested it, the point is it is there and is reactive is something to keep in mind.

Nonetheless, we had a great day and saw limited recent activity.
I did my first link-up of downhill turns for the year, and maybe even a few donuts here and there too.
I did take three or four clips of helmet cam footage, however it will be a few days to process it for you all to check out.

Stay tuned and I’ll do my best to get it up ASAP.




Aaron Bernasconi says:

Love new sleds! There is nothing like how clean they start out as!

Dave Kinn says:

Sounds promising. I really look forward to riding Golden more this year. I hope mother nature dumps some deep pow. Pick up the new sled next week and look forward riding. Thanks for the info, great site