November 30th, 2008


Over the past few months I’ve heard nothing other then, “Get ready”, “How are you preparing?”, “What do you think is going to happen?” etc. etc., but all I can see in my world is tons of new sleds, new riders, and a growing industry.  Today there was a record number of riders in one of our local zones here in Golden, British Columbia, and I’m sure it is the same in Utah, Colorado, and all over western North America.  There were 171 sleds in an area called Quartz Creek today.   One hundred and seventy ONE!  That is crazy for this time of year!  It’s a fairly small zone, but is a safe choice this time of year because of the low rock hazards, and the early season snow accumulations.  
I own a local shop here, and our numbers are higher then average, and our snow is probably slightly thiner then average.  I’ve seen more mod sleds, more new sleds (of all brands), and more enthusiasm than any previous year.
So my question is… “Is our economy crashing?” or is the media just doing what media does?  Act like an old 670 and blow smoke out their pipes?
Even if the economy is crashing, economists promote spending to help boost the local economies which in turn helps build the overall numbers, and I’d have to say, it seems like sledders are doing our part!  I think we should be rewarded! 
I realize this is a bit of a rant, and I am by no means an economist, I’m just tired of hearing questions that provoke fear.  We are a part of a great snowmobile sub culture that is exploding, and is one of the best sports I have ever been involved in.  I am going to do my best to make sure I help as many people as I can enjoy our sport, and try and have a little fun myself at the same time!
If you sled, keep on sledding, and if you don’t get one, because there is nothing more exhilarating, rewarding, and sociable then this little industry we have all grown to love!  
So the next time some one asks you what you think is happening with the economy… Just ignore them and think about how fun last weekend was when you were sledding… they simply won’t understand when you just smile and laugh and say “Braaaap” under your breath!
See you on the snow!
I’ll be there smiling!