March 3rd, 2009

Edge Performance and their “forty1thirty”

Curt told us he was tired of seeing people spend insane amounts of money on their stock machines to still have them fold, twist, and fatigue under normal riding conditions, all of which seemed to be typical of aluminum.  Plus the designs are still built around the short track sleds, then simply stretched into a mountain track length.  His concept had these main points to achieve:
1.  To build the strongest chassis available so the suspension would react more effectively.  After talking to some friends in NASCAR, they explained to us they use chromoly tubing for there chassis and nothing else because they can make the frame so rigid it makes it easy to make the suspension do what they need for each track.  So chromoly it was!
2.  Rigid running boards.  Wider with massive snow extraction so rider input is exact when leaning in for pow turns and over all handling.  We don’t use toe holds because we find you don’t need them with nice grippy, snow free foot boards.  They also make their “side kick’ side panels that move your foot position seven or eight inches further up on the outer of the running board for super easy side hilling.  Plus on the trail you can stand at a wider stance and feel so much more stable at high speeds down rough trails.
3. Our tunnel is designed to have the smoothest, unobstructed, non-stick, tunnel that doesn’t hold snow.  The original design was to run a carbon mesh that conducts heat to the tunnel so no snow would stick, but it is a project in the making, for now we use regular carbon fiber.  
4.  A Roll cage design to make sure when it tumbles down the mountain, your expensive machine stays in one piece.  
5.  Eliminate the chain drive.  Diamond drives can’t use other clutches, so RMI drive it is.  RMI also creates 3% more power due to gear to gear transfer, it’s the way to go!
6.  The most bomber sled ever, but still easy to work on.  We pulled a motor last week in less then 15 minutes…
The list goes on, but we thought this would spark some interest!
Have a look at Curt’s Edge Performance site, and his Forty1Thirty custom machines! HERE!!
These things are incredible, and I’d LOVE to get my hands on one.
If you are interested, contact Curt, they start at $ 17,500 CDN