November 11th, 2008

Emotional Rollercoaster

The only way to get
through this emotional rollercoaster is to keep on telling yourself that
it will only get better.  Yes last
year was an early season, but think how many of your friends smacked rocks and
cost them thousands of dollars and weeks of time to get back in the game.  Really we are just saving ourselves
time and money right now in return for a small bit of patience.  The next few weeks will bring a huge
dump of snow and we’ll be out there ripping around a snow pack that has a nice
fat buffer for those rocks!
I can’t wait!  I look at the
weather every day!  I have even
resorted to looking at the 15 day forecast, and we all know how accurate that
is… I can’t emphasis enough that patience is the key to the start of this
season, because in the end, there is always snow in the alpine, just give it
I know when I get to the bottom of the rollercoaster, and need to pull myself
back up I resort to porn… SNOW PORN ya perverts!  Here are a few photos from the past few winters of days we
can all look forward to!
No need to rush, we’ve had many many late starts before, and many many great winters following them.