January 9th, 2009


When the highways are shut down, traffic is at a
halt, snow is extremely unstable (HIGH) what do you do?  You simply ride
trees and MAN OH MAN, I love the trees! There is no better riding test then
stationary, high consequence, possibly very damaging, tall standing, snow
collecting, trees. 
On the way to Quartz Creek today, every slope on the side of the highway had
slid.  Trees were shedding snow
left and right as they winced under the massive load of the recent snowfall.  The temperatures were warming, adding
weight to the snow pack almost by the minute.  If this isn’t prime avalanche weather, I don’t know what
So we played in epic deep pow
in the trees.  A local ski guide
had his thermometer out at the warmest point today and it was still -3.  Knock on wood, but Golden has been
pretty lucky (weather wise) this year.
What a day!
Play safe, ride hard, have fun!