January 14th, 2016

Exploring the Snow Film Full-Length


The full length film Exploring the Snow  has now been released! Watch it here. And don’t forget to turn on the subtitles!




Exploring The Snow – The Beginning, is the first in this series of films. A crew of passionate and skilled snowmobile riders chasing the untouched terrain. Together they travel around the world with the common dream to find the perfect ride.”


Exploring the Snow


Watch as some of Sweden’s best backcountry riders chase their goal of riding untouched terrain across the globe.

The first installment takes the crew on an expedition to Greenland, where they traverse the snow and ice covered island in pursuit of previously unexplored terrain.


Exploring the Snow


Exploring the Snow


Exploring the Snow


This is a totally new spin on sled films, and the trailer looks gorgeous. If you have an adventurous spirit like most sledders out there, you’ll want to check out this trailer and likely the full-length film once it becomes available on iTunes.


Exploring the Snow


Kudos to these boys for getting out there and making a super cool adventure happen!


Watch Exploring The Snow Here:


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