October 19th, 2010


For me here based in Golden, British Columbia, I have a few sites that I check out on a regular basis to get the “ins” on what is going with snow and conditions for the zones I like to ride.
Now that being said you have to be a bit of a junkie to keep up on there to see the changes, OR only check them once in awhile to see the dramatic (or sometimes, not so dramatic…) changes.
One of my favorites is of course Kicking Horse Mountain Resort.  Now I like to check this for two reasons; one, I want to see how much fresh is up at both 8000 ft. and 4000 ft. because the base of the mountain is where most of our parking lots are here in Golden, and 8000 ft. is where most of our riding is.  Two because I love watching the poor saps fight for powder at the mountain while we go shred endless pow in the backcountry… HA!
The next site I like to use is Sentry Mountain Lodge again for two reasons.  One, the lodge is at 7000 ft. and it is a little closer to Quartz Creek then Kicking Horse and tends to have a more similar snow pack.  Two, this lodge is brand new and a bunch of my buddies built it and I love checking out their workmanship!!  Soo much talent have a look!!!  DOGTOOTH Log and Timber Products
The next site I have bookmarked is Chatter Creek mostly because I just love that place and of course you know they are getting puked on.  (the lake is high right now… ya know what I mean???!!!!! BOOYA).
Next site is Rogers Pass highway camera (same elevation of Quartz Creek parking lot and GREAT indication of what is going on out in that area).
Now, last but certainly not least the most important link on my bookmarks is of course Canadian Avalanche Association or Avalanche.ca.  I think it is obvious why we should all check this every day or two and especially the days we are heading out, but get to know this site inside out and backwards.  Know exactly what part of the maps you should be looking at and also realize that these predictions are based on a wide terrain base.  It is an amazing piece of informations, and yet it is still only ONE piece of info.  Be smart base your decision on as many different mediums as possible!!!

Bookmarks as they appear on my browser:
Sentry |  Horse  |  Chatter  |  Rogers  |  Bulletins  |  Sledshot