November 8th, 2008

First Ride isn’t always one to remember!

Well you might first be wondering where the photos are?  Well like any human being, I went for my first ride of the season yesterday and well… I forgot to charge the batteries in my point and shoot camera, BUT!! I did manage to get my helmet camera out of my vest and take a few quick clips for you.  My intentions were like that of any other riding day, go for a rip around and then set up my helmet cam and snag a few shots, however the ride around didn’t amount to much and although my intentions were great, my motivation diminished quickly with the “tick, tick, tick” of each rock my carbides hit.  After leaving the parking lot this early in the season you expect these sounds like previous seasons before, but it’s funny, I remember the sound disappearing in the past.  I know the sounds of “Hoots and Hollers” over the viscous roar of your pipe can generally drown out these evil “ticks” however as the miles accumulate and “ticks” continue, you are left with a feeling of uncertainty.  Will there ever be more snow?  Why isn’t there snow yet?  Did I jump the gun this year?  PEOPLE SAID IT WAS GOOD TO GO!!!!????  Alas, you arrive at the Snowmobile Club’s Cabin without the usual feeling of excitement.  Instead of walking directly into the Cabin you are forced to climb up not one, not two, not three or four or five, but six steps to the front door where the cold air from the night before fills your lungs when you enter.  It is colder in here then it is outside and you question if this is even possible?  Well it is!  And it is!  
This was the end of my first day of the season, if you hung in there through this babbling rant I have only one more thing to say… I DON’T REGRET IT!!!!!   I still had fun even though I couldn’t “slay the pow”!  I got to ride my sled, and hear my pipe crack the cold winter air.  My thumb is sore, my gear is ready and that nasty summerizing fog is burnt out of my carbs.  I am ready!  After the next weather system rolls through, GAME ON!  I’M READY!!!!!

Check out a shot from the cabin at Quartz Creek!