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Mountain Sledder | October 19, 2018

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Fox Suspension | Mountain Sledder

Fox Suspension

One of the main problems people complained about with the original Float suspension was that it was hard to tune.  Take a little air out, it would bottom out, put a little air in and it was uncomfortably stiff.  The Float ll has changed peoples opinions.  A new highly adjustable cartridge is what the Float ll is all about.  A new higher internal air volume is what gives the shock it’s new adjustability.  People are claiming the best feeling suspension ever ridden on a mountain sled.  I’ve attached a photos of the new Float ll and FOX’s two other front end shocks.  This are also options for the front end but could be considered overkill for a mountain sled.
Moving to any of these options from FOX over your stock suspension can take up to six pounds off your sled.  They are a very easy install and easy to set up as well.  The shocks are totally rebuildable and revalveable which isn’t often an option with stock suspension either.
I know it shouldn’t be a “selling feature”, but they happen to look pretty darn cool too…
Check out FOX SUSPENSION’s site today! 


Aaron Bernasconi says:

hahaha, totally. But it’s funny the new sleds it really doesn’t seem to matter. XP’s ride fine with the stabilizer in…

Sean McCaig says:

sporty trail rides are good though, by the time you get to the alpine your warmed up and ready to shred.

Aaron Bernasconi says:

I’m sure even FOX wouldn’t recommend pulling your sway bar. Often in the mountains people pull them to make side hilling easier, but it certain makes the trail sporty.

Pundy says:

Does this mean you can take your sway arm out of your Rev chassis and get the same/better preformance?