September 18th, 2009

FSX international freestyle snowcross

Born in backcountry mountain terrain more than a decade ago, snowmobile freestyle is one of the hottest events in the ESPN’s Winter X Games.  The FSX: Fire & Ice World Tour was developed to bring a new level of entertainment to fans and the World.  With the mixture of Rock N Roll and Extreme Sports all in one showcase ticket holders will be sure to leave with an impression.  The tour will be showcasing the top freestyle snowmobile athletes in a two part event.  The showcase will start off at 6pm with a meet and greet where everyone with a ticket will get the opportunity to meet the pro athletes and the band members of “Social Code” on the show floor.  At 7:30pm the show will kick off with a hardcore knockout competition between the top riders who will fight for tour points to become the first World Champion of the FSX Fire & Ice World Tour.

To end the night off with a bang a choreographed rock concert featuring the explosive sounds of the break out band “Social Code” performing their top radio singles and new album with the hot new single “Satisfied”.   Freestyle pro riders will perform back flips and other freestyle tricks above the centre stage with “Social Code” rockin out to end the night!

Each event will be composed of a competition style where each athlete will perform 60 seconds on an oval track. The track is composed of two 60 foot ramp to ramp setups with a centre stage. Athletes will qualify and be seeded into pairs and will compete against each other advancing through the quarter final, semi-final, and the FSX Final where an event champion will be crowned.

These high-flying snowmobile riders will electrify the audience with their death-defying display of aerial acrobatics like nothing fans have ever seen before such as the world famous Back Flips, Super Flips, Tsunami, Corpse, Switchblades, Whips, Super Indy Can’s and much more.   This is much more impressive than seeing a 250cc motorcycle as these snowmobiles weigh over 400lbs and to see the athletes throw them around and flip at 30-40 feet in the air is just simply WILD!
The showcase will feature one of the hottest bands on the radio “Social Code” who will be performing hit singles “He said, She said”, “Everyday”, “Bomb Hands” and their break out album “Rock n Roll” to be released Sept. 1, 2009.  Riders that will be featured in the FSX Fire & Ice series include X Games Medalist’s Joe Parsons (USA) – World Record Holder for longest jump with a trick at 207 ft, Heath Frisby (USA), Cody Borchers (Canada), Sam Rogers (USA) – World Record holder with 117 ft back flip,  Isaac Sherbine (USA), Ted Culbertson (USA), Willie Élan (USA), and many more.

FSX Fire & Ice World Tour with special guest “Social Code” will kick off the 18 city World Tour.

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