March 23rd, 2009

Funny how sun changes everything!

I’ve been out for a few weeks now with the plague of all plagues.  I started with the flu, then went riding two days in a row (I thought I was better… because it was sunny) and ended up hurting my back (old injury).  So I guess I was much worse then I thought because I somehow came out of my back injury with a touch of pneumonia…????  I know… I was hurting.  Needless to say, I was forced out of my semi disabled state to retrieve one of my rental sleds from Silent Pass.  I was blown away!  The few weeks I had taken off must have had serious accumulation!  It was deeeeep.  
So I took a few more days off to make sure I was fully recovered this time and hit the snow again yesterday.  It was amazing.  Some new hips have been formed by recent wind activity and all I can say is GAME ON!
Solar affect has been causing a few issues as well!  Everything south facing has pretty much come down in the last few days.  Big slides running full path.  SCARY!
Other then that, looking forward to a big spring!  
Heading to Chatter first of april, then back for a few days, then hook up with some boyz to film, then back to chatter, then to Whistler, then back to hit the heli terrain like it owes us something, then…. sleep!
Some shots from yesterday with my two hommies!