Gaaaaaame ON! | Mountain Sledder
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Mountain Sledder | October 17, 2018

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Gaaaaaame ON! | Mountain Sledder

Gaaaaaame ON!

What a day!  We had a blast out there, but not all was perfect.  The day started off on a down note with high cloud cover and no sight of the sun in the near future.  We eyed up a few drops, and played in the tree pow to make everyone smile and then the heavens opened!  Down came the sun and BAM!  Trying to get these guys to settle down was impossible!  Ryan was setting up and tearing down his camera faster then I’ve ever seen!  It was a great mix of pow and traction with some light to make a great package.  Big shout out to Mike from 2SCS and Rob for setting the day up.
I think this is our best video to date!  Thanks boys! 



Dave Best says:

ha ha – wish i had been…. 46 days sortin’ water line issues on the property. no sleddin’ days this season yet. know how it feels?? headin out tomorrow for some BRAAAAP time!!

Sean McCaig says:

djb, why weren’t you out taking photos?

Garry Taylor says:

F YAH! What a trip to be riding with those guys! Way to rally it up!

RJ says:

Quartz Creek Area fidy 2 ish

Chug says:

awesome footage from just one day! Where is the riding location?

wzysnytro says:

that was a sick flik….wish we were there.aaron where’s the nytro, riding an xp again….lol

Dave Best says: