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Mountain Sledder | October 21, 2018

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Gaining Traction | Mountain Sledder

Gaining Traction

Reagan Sieg has been riding dirt bikes all his life. Starting out at a young age on his first Z50, he grew up racing moto throughout his teenage years, and turned pro at only 17. After a couple of years, he ventured into freestyle, and 14 years later, Sieg is still heavily involved in FMX. Lately, he has been transferring his skills from dirt to snow, riding the Timbersled Mountain Horse snowbike with jaw dropping aplomb, as seen in this year’s Braaap 13 film.

MS: When did you first become aware of the existence of snow bikes?
RS: About 4 years ago, an old sponsor and friend of mine took some friends and I riding in Sicamous on a couple of moto snow bike kits. It opened my eyes as to how much find it can be riding on a snowbike setup in the backcountry. I wanted to push its limits, but I didn’t feel that that particular setup would allow me to do what I had in my head. Two years later, another good buddy of mine, pro motocross rider Brock Hoyer, purchased one of the new snow bike products from Timbersled. He proceeded to tell me how well it worked, and how he no longer had any interest in riding snowmobile again. Brock and I had similar skill levels, and so I figured that if it was enough to entertain him then I would give it a go, and bought one without even trying it out.

MS: What has changed since you bought your first snow bike kit?
To find out Reagan’s answer and read the rest of the article, check out the full Issue IV.