March 12th, 2010

Game ON Ya’ll

At this point we are under a “Heavy Snowfall Warning” here in Golden, and Rogers Pass is always a game ender.  Lets keep our fingers crossed that it’ll all work out.
Now kink number two, and the obvious kink to us mountain folk is the insanely high avalanche danger that is going to play a HUGE factor this weekend.  When everything is coming down naturally, you think pinning it up a chute is a good idea?  I hope we get some avalanche control under way!  Luckily some of the chutes have a cornice on top to drop into the chute to clean it out.  Not sure what is going to happen on the ones that don’t…
I was involved in one of the closest incidents I’ve ever been associated with last week with three experience mountain riders.  We’re going to have to be careful!!  
Something we all need to keep in mind is that most of the crowd tends to develop in the run out zones of these avy paths.  Keep your distance and watch from a nice safe platform!!
That’s it for now, we’ll keep you posted as the weekend continues!
Check out the video from 2009 HERE!