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Mountain Sledder | November 15, 2018

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Garbage | Mountain Sledder


I went in to one of our local zones a few weeks ago and couldn’t help but snag a few photos of what I saw.  Obviously I feel extremely strong about this topic, and I’m not going to nag on and on about the impacts it has on our sport, not to mention our environment, I’m simply putting some form of emphasis on what I saw.  
Next time are out do your part!  At the very least, pack out what you pack in.  And if you see some garbage around, you could even go one step farther and pick it up.

That’s it for now, see you on the snow!
Ride safe, keep the backcountry clean. 


shreddogg says:

If you dont pack out your own trash your a STAIN period.

Tamara says:

Glad you brought this up! It is so aggravating to see what gets left behind in the backcountry. We are neverendingly finding crap. We pack out what we can but WTF are these people thinking? Sure can see why we get a bad rap. The true backcountry enthusiasts know the importance of packing out what you take in, it’s part of the responsibility of using the areas. The others, well they probably still throw bottles at highway road signs…which was cool 20 years ago!

Dave Norona says:

Good One Aaron! I am continually picking up beer cans windshields and other crap from the many riding area parking lots I visit. Too bad these guys ruin our image to the already too green crowd. I wonder what these guys living rooms at home look like? Don’t give hippies more ammo for shutting down areas. This is a pretty easy one to fix…