October 30th, 2008

Gravity Worx Racing

There are so many
companies similar to RSI in our industry, but not many can pull off the
constant demand for new and exciting parts.  RSI offers a full line of
Carbon Fiber Tapered bars from flat bars right through to a Backcountry 83mm
rise.  If your not a fan of carbon, check out there 7075 Tapered Aluminum,
and if you aren’t into the bling they do three different Chromoly bars.
 Each bar comes with a black Bar Pad, but of course you know there is the
option to pick from five other colors.  
If you are a short or tall rider,
or just like the look of aftermarket risers, RSI does a 2,3,4,5,6,7,8 and a 9
inch riser block that comes with a nifty adapter for converting the riser from
a 7/8″ bar to a 1 1/8″ bar.  For all of you guys who have
changed bars in the past and know you have to be careful to buy the right riser
to match, it makes investing in a riser easier on the brain! 
Angled Risers
are also an item on the RSI list with both a 30-degree block, and a 15-degree,
depending on what model of sled you have (they come in both a 2″ and
3″ rise).  
Now, when replacing bars you run into the heated grip
barrier.  RSI makes two models of
grip heater depending on what style of bar (bar end) you use.  A wrap around design is available to
make sure you get heat to the end of your bars if curved.
Now we need grips, and you guessed it, they make grips.  Two models of slip on grips, both a 7
and 8” version are available, as well as a new style of grip gaining momentum
in the industry, grip wraps.  You
know it, just like when you were kids and had to put new grips on your speed
bike.  These come in custom colors
and their self adhesive ape makes them stick on, and stay on.  The Zorbicon Gen absorbs vibrations for
a smoother feel at the bar and makes you day just a little bit smoother.

The Extended throttle cables, billet wheels, and Left Hand throttles are Gravity Worx Racing parts not RSI, however the two lines complement each other nicely.

Gravity Worx has developed their own product line, as well as carrying the RSI line because the 2 product lines really complement each other nicely. cables and pivot adaptors.

Need some new custom bling to make your stock sled your own?  Check out Gravity Worx Racing today!