April 14th, 2009

Haber Vision Eliminator

When I first got the Eliminator and a pair of goggles from Haber Vision I was off snow thanks to a fractured rib, but I’ve been back out for the last month and have been super impressed with the Eliminator.

In the past I have always carried at least one spare pair of goggles.  I have a habit of switching my helmet for a toque when shooting, or just chilling when out sledding.  When I do that I often put my goggles up on the toque and then when I go to wear them again find they are fogged up, or worse – frozen.  Putting them under the sled hood to dry out / warm up is a pain and it is only by pure luck that I’ve not fried a pair on my pipe or worse….


The Eliminator from Haber Vision is a clever device that allows you to retro-fit not only Haber Vision goggles but most brands into a fan goggle instantly.  The concept is simple: When humidity rises inside your goggle a tiny sensor activates a fan alleviating the possibility of internal condensation (fog) on the lens. This feature allows you to see clearly and enjoy crystal-clear vision every time you ride.  Set the switch to ‘auto’, ‘on’ or ‘off’ – it’s up to you.

I tend to ride with mine either on or off – just personal reference.  When you first switch the fan you can hear it ‘buzzing’ but you quickly get used to it, and it certainly is not audible when your sled’s running.

Yeah, I know this isn’t the first fan solution that’s been released, but the Eliminator is unique in its size and weight.  It’s super low profile and is so lightweight I’m sure you won’t even notice you’ve got it on.  No battery pack or other components to wire in – just a small, addition to the top foam in your goggles.

As I mentioned in my first review, the Eliminator works not only with their own goggles, but you can retro-fit any other goggles.  I have tried it on two other brands and it worked fine without any problems.

For the price and the benefits it offers I would recommend checking out the Haber Vision Eliminator.

For more information, check out: Haber Vision’s Website