February 4th, 2009

How much is too much?

I’m collecting photos from the crew so stand by!
We arrived in Revy Sunday morning around 9:30/10ish to the Boulder Parking Lot.  It was a casual start to an amazing weekend.  We headed up the groomed trail to the cabin with nothing but fresh everywhere.  And I’m not talking a little fresh either.  Our main focus for the weekend was to mix it up, and do some snowboarding for a change, because it seems more and more as of lately we just ‘roop till we can’t roop no more.’  We punched up to the top of a run nick named “heli run” for a somewhat obvious reason, and banged out our first lap, and with little hesitation, headed back up for another lap.  Now, Boulder is known for deep snow and today was no different from any other time I’ve been there.  It was in fact DEEP.  After the second lap we were content with the day, and headed down to the Powder Springs Hotel and checked in.  This was our first time staying at the Springs, and was a great experience!  They give out free tickets to the Aqua Center (hot tub / steam room / pool / etc.) and also a buffet breakfast that was nothing short of a royal feast.  After breakfast stepping outside we were blown away with the amount of fresh that had fallen over night!  
We headed to the parking lot once again and we were the first people there.  Monday morning, well over a foot of fresh in the parking lot, and not a track in sight.
GAME ON!  Back to the top.  Started out with another couple of snowboard laps, and obviously some solid rooping between runs, and somehow suddenly not only did we run out of day light, but I don’t think I could have possibly sledded another kilometer.  
Exhausted, beaten, tired, and low on gas, we headed back to the parking lot, loaded up, and headed back to Golden.
Done and done, and as I sit here tonight writing this article, I realize that somehow even my fingers are still tired…
Big shout out goes to the Powder Springs Hotel, Revelstoke Snowmobile Club, the boyz who we traveledand with, and of course Sledshot.com for the killer weekend! 
See you on the snow!