February 11th, 2009

How to get some $$ out of your old sled

Fist things first, clean that sled up!  And I’m not just talking about the hood.  Get in there with some degreaser, and some elbow grease!  Get rid of all that belt debris built up of the season or seasons.  A clean sled puts you ahead of the game right from the get go.  I always love to put fresh plugs in it, and a brand new spare belt.  This gets people stoked because they know they are spending every last cent on your machine, and the probably don’t have the extra $$ to throw down on a spare belt (considering how expensive belts are these days).  Make sure all the fluids are topped up.  If I were looking for a used sled, I’d be stoked to get a sled I could hop on and go for a ride the next day with out a worry.  
If you are like most people out there and you have cut / drilled / sliced /etc. as many holes in your panels as humanly possible to help get rid of heat and cool your machine, although you are proud of your handy work, most buyers are not stoked on the terrible design you are so proud of…
A couple of hundred $$ on new panels or hoods I guarantee will pay themselves off, and then some!
Ripped seats are always a MAJOR fault of any used sleds.  Buy some vinyl glue and fix it up.  Might not be a ‘new’ seat, but looks 100% better then foam…
Lets not forget those running boards.  A good old 2×4 works awesome for bending them back into place.  Something with some leverage!  
Hope these tips help when it comes to selling your next sled!  I think the used sled market is going to quite the buyers market in the next few years, so I hope these hints will help you sell yours!!
I know I’m looking at the 1200 Summit in my future!  


New PANNELS!  (replace any cracked or broken vents, latches, etc etc.

A tunnel wipe, and finally put in a spare belt and a new set of plugs.  

A happy buyer builds a strong relationship, and next time they’ll come asking!