October 23rd, 2008

icam dvr

I checked out this product at the Washington show last weekend and it spiked my interest!  I have used a few other helmet cams in the past and I have to say, this one really does look simple to use!  DVR is the wave of the future!  It eliminates carrying around a video camera in your back pack with a ‘pencil’ lens attached to it.  It acts like the big stacked hard drive sitting beside you at your home computer and stores the video.  It also has a screen on the DVR that aids in setting up the camera, something that other do not offer.
ICam has done a really good job of sourcing out different mounts as well.  These guys have mounts for everything, goggle strap, velcro stickies, handlebar, the list goes on and on, and they are also compatible with ‘RAM’ one of most recognized mounting hardware companies in North America.  Another cool feature ICam offers that I haven’t seen from any other companies yet, is interchangeable lenses.  With several lens options you can customize your camera for different uses.  Want to get your ‘spy’ on?  Check out the ‘Button’ camera!  This thing is EVIL by taking the place of a button on your shirt.  How cool is that?  The Tactical camera, although it might not be practical for snowmobiling, cures that age old problem helmet camera users always face when not wearing a helmet… WHERE THE HECK DO YOU PUT IT?
Something else that ICam is capable of is an 8 Gigabyte SD card.  For all you people out there that don’t speak ‘Tech’, that means 11 hours of footage.  You can wake up, turn the camera on, and film “A Day In The Live Of (insert your name here)”. Competitors usually only have a one or two ‘gig’ allowance.  Huge selling feature!
Check out the quality on this TEASER footage!

What started off as a dream has developed into a successful business for the guys at ICam.  If you have any questions, or are interested in purchasing a unit, check out icam’s site www.icamdvr.com today!