April 24th, 2008

Impulse Turbo

Impulse Performance Products is based out of Salt Lake City, Utah. They have officially been in business for only one year, but have been research and developing their products for a few years.

Being based in the mountains, Paul has the luxury of trial and error at his doorstep to insure his turbo systems are as reliable as possible.

Currently Impulse is making turbo systems for both the Yamaha Apex, and Nytro machines. It sounds like a limited product line, but if you as Paul, he’ll tell you how much it takes to make a system that is as close to perfect as it gets. I know if I were buying a turbo kit, I’d want one that has as much sweat equity hours into it as an Impulse Turbo.

I asked Paul if he had any secret projects on the go, his response was, no “secret projects” but he said he is involved on Mountain Mod Mania’s new project sled!!

Of course the Big Dawg Shootout was last weekend, and I don’t know how man times, while standing in the crowd, I heard “What is that thing?” Looking almost stock except for a air intake filter sticking out of where the gas cap use to be…this sled was almost a sleeper.

This sled was on fire at the BDSO. I’m not down playing it either. It was clean, simple, not your typical ‘mod’ machine. It intrigued me run after run on the up hill drag strip. What was this thing, and what craziness was under its stock hood?

Not knowing much about four-stroke sleds, all I knew was this little three cylinder was hauling and I could hear a turbo of some kind in there!

The Impulse Nytro at the BDSO that won was pulling somewhere around the mid 300 horse. Paul wasn’t exactly sure, but he mentioned it was running around 23 pounds of boost with race fuel, and a shot of nitrous out of the gate. This combo was mean, and proved to be a force to be reckoned with.

Paul says the key to his turbo systems is the fuel system itself. He has it so dialed that other turbo companies are using his fuel system as an up grade for their own.

Sounds like a hell of a compliment to me! Looks like all those hours of R & D this winter are paying off.

Some other features that separates Paul’s turbo systems from the rest are:

Optimal turbo placement for response and low center of, gravity, 10 gallon fuel capacity, 321 stainless heavywall header, turbo supported into frame, Short intercooler piping to reduce lag, Fuel system good
over 25psi boost and a Cold air intake!

Some of the mods to the sled that won BDSO:

2871R turbo system, Timbersled Barkbuster front suspension, Timbersled Mega Mtn Tamer 162 rear, Camo Extreme

162X16X2.5 track, Prologger Data system and a NOS custom nitrous setup

Although he has a huge demand from people to build turbo systems for several other manufacturers, realizing the amount of time he put in this past winter he may stick to the Yams for another year or two.

Paul mentioned how rewarding it was to make such a powerful system, but he sacrificed a ton of riding time to do so. Next season he is looking forward to getting a little more riding in, and in my opinion, let the competition catch up!!

If you are looking for a turbo kit for your sled, I wouldn’t hesitate! If you are unsure of an installation, and just want to buy right off the showroom floor, Outlaw MotorSports sells Nytro machines equipped with Impulse Turbo Systems and dialed in! (How easy is that?)

Just wanted to thank Paul for his time and putting up with my lack of knowledge when it comes to four-stoke turbo systems in our interview. I also wanted to put emphasis on his web site impulseturbo.com that has tons of good photos of both action, and his products.

If you are looking for a bad ass turbo, this could be the one for you!!