May 30th, 2010

It’s official… winter is over!

It was definitely a roller coster for us here at  With a CRAZY start to the season we came charging out of the gate smoking with early season videos and trade show love.  With an insane Christmas season we were left trying to pick up the pieces and find time to get down to the nitty gritty.  Both myself and our filmer, had the busiest season ever riding with new folks and spreading the word.  We had the privilege of riding with Geoff Kyle and Rob Alford, Randy Swenson, Jim Phelan, Dave Schell, and some amazing not so well known riders too.  Our newly sponsored rider Riley Suhan threw down some absolutely crazy stuff this year and we’re super proud of him!  
We didn’t get to make as much video as last season as we focused on product development videos with clients, however we did get some done, and had some great trips documented once again.
As the snow melts and we begin our summer commitments (real jobs), we are going to try and bring both snowmobile industry news when it shows up, and show some of our summer ventures as well.  
Hope everyone had a great season, and we look forward to being your keyhole to what is going on in the mountains again next year!
Till then, HAPPY MOTO!!!!!!!!