Joey Junker on the Tobe Monosuit | Mountain Sledder
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Mountain Sledder | September 25, 2018

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Joey Junker on the Tobe Monosuit | Mountain Sledder

Joey Junker on the Tobe Monosuit Joey Junker - Tobe Monosuit Joey Junker - Tobe Monosuit

Joey Junker has appeared in several Slednecks films, including 14 & 15. He rides out of Alaska and will appear in the upcoming Winter Project from Hybrid Films.

My Tobe 2014 Mono Suit is hands down the greatest outerwear I’ve had the opportunity to ride in.

Tobe Monosuit

Tobe Monosuit

It offers everything a rider needs to keep them protected from the weather in the backcountry. Even though my season was cut short due to injury I still got to enjoy my Tobe Mono Suit.

If you’re unsure about the ‘Onesie’ suits you won’t be disappointed by the Mono. It took a while getting used to, but after riding in it I might not go back to the pants and jacket combo. The Mono is as easy as rolling up to the parking lot in your sweatpants and your Hybrid Color Films hoodie, jumping in the Mono Suit and getting to the powder before your buddies have their boots tied. Not to mention the freedom the mono suit gives you. It’s like a party inside the suit.

One of the features that I liked about the Mono Suit was the integrated suspenders it had to keep the suit from feeling like it’s pulling you down. The suit also doesn’t get heavy in wet snow conditions, has wrist gators (a must in my gear selection process). The Tobe Mono Suits also have vents that don’t get covered up by the shoulder straps of a Highmark by Snowpulse Avalanche Backpack.

The Mono Suit is worth every penny, you are truly paying for what you get. Tobe is a rider-built company that is stoked on the product they’ve developed. The Tobe Outerwear Motto says it all:
We don’t make gear for posers. TOBE is about providing well-designed equipment for real people who live their lives in the real backcountry. These people with real lives don’t care whether their friends are on a snowboard, a snowmobile or on a pair of skis. And they all appreciate gear, which lasts a full season without duct tape.

You can check out Tobe’s full Monosuit line on their website.  Be sure to stay tuned for Hybrid Films’ much anticipated Winter Project, available this Fall.  You can watch the trailer here:

Want to watch Joey get down and hunk big with Slednecks?  Here’s some sweet POV footage: