September 24th, 2008

Keep our zones clean!!

Each winter we head out
into our beautiful, natural backcountry in search of a pure, untouched
wilderness filled with deep snow, no tracks, and no garbage.  Lucky for
us, it snows out there, but what happens in the summer?  After the snow
has long melted away, where do all those “lost beer cans” and corners
off your energy bar wrapper go (you know the ones that slowly drift off in the
wind that you promise yourself you’ll run and get right after you eat your
bar…)?  Where do all those chunks of hood and windshield go?  The
pieces of side panel, and the ever so painful chucks of shredded belt?
 Well truth is, they don’t go anywhere.  In fact most of those things
we leave behind are not biodegradable, or even remotely enviro friendly and
might just sit there for eternity.  I’m not saying we, as sledders, are
the cause of backcountry destruction by any means, all I’m saying is that we
really have to start thinking more when we are out there enjoying our
It disgusts me to see an area as beautiful as Gorman Lake, tainted by the
community that I love, and am involved with so heavily. 

Our buddies picked up, and
bagged the garbage, and then put the effort into carrying it 15km out on their
backs.  All of which was above and
beyond the amount of effort it would have taken to simply bring it out in the
first place. 
For all of you sledders out there who love to hike in the summer, there might
always be that illusive garbage from carnage in our beautiful backcountry to
pick up on a nice hike, but I hope in the future you’ll no longer have to pick
up pointless waste such as beer cans ever again! 

Lend a hand to our
wilderness PACK OUT WHAT YOU PACK IN, and respect nature for what it is,

Thanks boys for picking up that garbage in Gorman last week!