January 7th, 2009

Looks like more snow!

It’s been a funny year this year with mixed
feelings about lack of snow and our industry as a whole for some reason.  Little to no snow early in the season gives us all too
much time to ‘tinker’ with our sleds, and way too much time to think about how awesome last year was!!  We
went out too early because of built up anxiety, and smacked rocks only because
we were too stubborn to realize there wasn’t as much snow as last year… (being
a 50 year winter and all). 
But all grumpy days must come to an end, and the time to enjoy our wicked sport
is here! 
This system holds boatloads
of snow in it so lets get out there and shred it, enjoy it, and remember it
take some photos!
Just because it was a funny start doesn’t mean it isn’t going to be an amazing
winter.  Lets keep our fingers
crossed and just watch the snow keep falling!
Have fun, ride safe, and keep our backcountry clean!