July 8th, 2008

Marathon Sled Decks

Over the past few
seasons, Marathon has stepped it up, retired their marine department to focus
primarily on decks and accessories for off road machines.  The make a
great line of ramps, bed drawers, tub trailers, and of course our main interest,
decks. They just started producing this new flip deck extension that is super slick.  For all you boys and girls out there that love the convenience of a deck but hate the awkwardness of a few feet sticking out the end of your six foot box, Marathon yet again has come through with a genius solution.  This thing is quick, easy, and looks nice and clean, not to mention takes care of that little problem we all have with monster long track sleds hanging off the back of our trucks.  

Marathon Decks are
well designed using the ever so light and strong Aluminum.  Coming in
three different lengths depending on your bed length, and desire, Marathon has
the markets needs covered.  These decks only weight in at 346 lbs, which
includes the weight of the ramp!  This means easy installation and removal
to make sure you get to the mountains on those deep snow days.  This year
they are also offering a powder coated version for an added fee to really pimp
out your truck! 

We have been using
Marathon Decks for a few years now, and have had no problems.  These easy
to use decks have amazing ramps that telescope, meaning there are no more
frustrating moments trying to get those little clips lined up through the two
piece ramps while your buddies are leaving the parking lot laughing at

All Marathon Decks
come stock with two Superclamps!  If you haven’t used these before, you’ll
never understand how you could live with out them.  Speed, ease, and the
ability to lock your machine on your deck are three reasons why we travel with
a smile on our faces!

you are interested in purchasing a Marathon Deck or have any questions please
check out their site http://www.marathondecks.com/