NEW FORUM OPTIONS!! | Mountain Sledder
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Mountain Sledder | November 16, 2018

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NEW FORUM OPTIONS!! | Mountain Sledder

Over the next few weeks, we are adding some
wicked cool functions to the site.  The Photo and Video Galleries are going to get a facelift making them
much easier to use, and of course look way cooler.  We’ve also changed the forum to accommodate much higher
volumes of traffic as we anticipate our extremely quick growth to continue.
Sledshot also has its first birthday coming up!  YEAH THAT’S RIGHT 1st!  So crazy!!  Seems like we’ve been in the game for so long now.  We’re really pumped to see how much the
site has grown!  Our reader numbers
are doubling monthly, our videos have had rave reviews and hits on our site and
on our page, and we’ve had some great interest from the industry
for product reviews, testing, promotions etc. 
As the site grows we’ll have more and more news updates, and
more writers to keep you informed with what is going on in the industry.  We have big plans around here, and we
love hearing feedback!  Keep it coming;
it keeps us stoked to do our best for you, and to make the site
that keeps you coming back for more!