July 26th, 2011

“NEW” Product!!

This new AVY Vest is the answer for all you guys who love the vest features, but wanted the added safety feature of an air bag!  I am a huge fan of ‘tech’ style vests for the simplicity of having pockets in the front that don’t interfere with your pack straps.  I like to carry my camera up front along with my radio, but HATE having to take my pack off to get at it, or undo my pack straps along with my jacket zipper to get at my camera…
This is the answer!  After using an avy pack for the past few seasons I always feel uneasy taking my pack off even if it’s only for a few seconds.  Sounds crazy, but that is the security you get from wearing a bag.  Now I have no need to take it off unless I’m stopping for lunch!
Check out some of the cool features like the removable chest pads, and the First Aid compartment!!!  Not enough people these days are traveling with the essentials for being as remote as we sometimes are!
I also really like the removable shoulder cuff pads and the easy access radio chest pocket.  All great features with cool styling!  Good job Snow Pulse!  Look forward to seeing some of these on snow next season!