April 29th, 2008

‘Notellem Creek’

We started off with a short drive from Golden on April 26th turned into one of the best trips of the year.  After being at the BDSO last week, and seeing deteriorating ‘spring’ riding condition I was beginning to think season was over.  With a text from Golden while in Whistler that it has just snowed 45cm we made our way back, but were unable to ride for almost a week waiting for weather to break for high alpine travel.  

Eventually it did and man did we nail it!  Getting on snow is always a bit interesting this time of year, and obviously crossing open water is something that just goes hand in hand in April/May.  After some interesting adventures and some super tech moves (scarrrrrry) we made it to the alpine.

It was beautiful up there.  Shell only, all vents open, this is my type of riding!!  It was an exploration day.  Traveling up and over 10,000ft. is always an adventure.  Big terrain has it’s own little nuggets of fun.  Riding past some of the largest natural slides I have ever scene was a bit intimidating however, I was confident in the crew I was with making smart decisions, and sticking to mellow traveling routes through this vastness.  

Eventually we made it to a really cool zone we nick named 45 cal glacier… for seemingly obvious reasons at the time.  

Once hanging here for a while, eating some lunch and playing around, we started making our way back.

I’m not the type of person who is normally into ‘travel’ type riding, but I do it occasionally if the terrain is challenging.  I think you really have to be in the right mood I suppose.

Either way we made it back to our gas drop where we filled up what little fuel we had left, and started to trip out.  

What a day, that is all I can say!  Thanks boyz, you made it a blast!

Simi, Brian, Dave, Sean, Chris, Vic, Ron, and Tyson!