November 9th, 2008

NOV 2008

well, it’s the time of year when all I can think about is “when will the mountains be ready to go!?”


After spending a good chunk of  the summer in Africa working for a TV show, I am happy to be back to the mountains,  watching the snow accumulate on the peaks!  Waiting.


 I have had a few friends get out on sleds already,  but i am going to hold out another week or two just to lessen the chances of cranking some big rocks.

This season should be a busy one.  Hoping to make tons of new Riding and Tech Tip videos for you guys.  And  also various other funny and entertaining videos of snowmobiling  life.  Looking forward to going to chatter creek this year again, and the Big Dog Shootout in Pemberton to cover the event.  


I will keep my Bro pages posted with Pics and stories throughout the season. 

 See you guys out there!