February 4th, 2016

Ode to the Bail

Bailing is ok. Important even. No, really, it is. Without the torment of bailing we would never experience the euphoria of the make.

It takes a certain amount of determination to subject oneself to the embarrassment, pain and ruthlessness of a good bail. All your friends are watching, having a laugh as you eat shit. But with a little wherewithal it’s you who is having the last laugh as you ride away from what was once thought impossible in your own mind.

There is more of a life lesson in the bail than the make. Sure, nailing something first try is always sweet but those among us who have the ability to pick ourselves up, dust off the snow and take another stab at it are learning lessons that will truly last a lifetime and prove worthy in many other situations. Giving up after one or two halfhearted tries isn’t going to get you anywhere with anything. What if the fisherman gave up after one unsuccessful cast? What if Thomas Edison gave up after a great failure? The point is that with great risk comes great reward. So next time you find yourself dejected and failing, just keep trying. It’s worth it.

Photo: TGFG Summit Communications