February 2nd, 2009

Photo Comp Results

Thanks to all our users who submitted photos for the January photo competition. 

The standard was excellent and made for some challenging judging decisions, but in the end, all the judges were unanimous on our winning photo.

Congratulations to our winner, Chris Messervey, who gets our schwag bag of DVD’s, t-shirts, decals etc, while our two runners-up: Bernardo Fanti and Billy Neilson get some sledshot.com gear.

Photographer: Chris Messervey
Rider: Scotty
Location: Begbie, Revelstoke
Image Title: Scotty on Begbie
Judges Comments: Excellent composition, use of color and depth of field.

Honorable Mention
Photographer: Bernardo Fanti
Rider: Luke Corbitt
Location: Vail Pass, Colorado
Image Title: Parked
Judges Comments: Great image.  Excellent depth of field, color saturation and capturing an “unposed” moment in time.

Honorable Mention

Photographer: Billy Neilson
Rider: Dana Kerr
Location: Quartz Creek, Golden
Judges Comments: Good composition, focal point and use of light.  Appropriate use of sepia toning to enhance the ‘feel’ of the image.

Thanks again to our judges, Rob Alford (yamaha, forty1thirty and sledshot.com pro reporter), Adrian Marcoux from Full Circle Photography, and sledshot.com photographer Dave Best (Best Impressions Photography)

Don’t forget to check out this months competition.  Thanks to Hangfire Training for donating a chance to win a free Avalanche Skills Training level 1 course.