Pieps DSP and Freeride | Mountain Sledder
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Mountain Sledder | November 14, 2018

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Pieps DSP and Freeride | Mountain Sledder

Pieps DSP and Freeride

People always ask me at our shop what beacon do I recommend?  Well, the answer is always said without hesitation andi is confidently spoken…  “The Pieps DSP”.  
Obviously the next question is “Why?”  
I’ve witnessed very inexperienced beacon users after a very short debrief on the beacon retrieve two beacons in under three minutes.  Now, I am by no means saying it does the work for you, you still need basic skills and obviously training is key, but seeing the confidence gained from using a beacon like the DSP is inspiring.  Analog beacons are still a great beacon, but they require regular practice to become skilled at using them.  The DSP’s ‘flagging’ function allows you to go after the closest burial like your on a mission, get a probe hit, hit the ‘flag’ button on the front of the beacon, and it automatically goes after the next closest person without hesitation.  Get a probe strike on that burial, hit the flag function again, and BAM, you on to the next closest burial.  
This is what beacons should be like.  Extremely intuitive, and confidence building.  
It’s a terrible feeling to be practicing and get confused with multiple beeps going on, and you begin to panic.  I can only imagine what the real thing is like.  Having a beacon that keeps you calm is worth every penny!
The DSP keeps it simple for you!
Check out PIEPS online HERE! 


Aaron Bernasconi says:

Hey Swayz, I use to have a Pulse! Thought it was a wicked beacon too! Technology is there!

SwayZ SwayZ says:

I purchased the Mammut Pulse this year and I am very happy with it. Very intuitive and easy to use. The marking feature works the same as DSP flagging. Also works with other Pulses to show vital signs for a buried victim. Pretty sweet!