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Mountain Sledder | November 16, 2018

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Powderack Ski/Snowboard Rack | Mountain Sledder

Powderack Ski/Snowboard Rack

Powderack was originated from an idea that
snowboards/skis could be held in place by flexible rollers.  Prototypes
were made and tested, and it was determined that the Powderack was a quick easy
way to stow your gear for the ride up the hill on your snowmobile.  They
are made of lightweight and strong 6061 aluminum.  The ease of
installation, minimal hole drilling in your sled, and different mounting
configurations are also benefits of the Powderack system.  With
Powderack we are always ahead of the other guys getting back up to the top
of the hill to ski/shred.  We feel that Powderack is “Shred tested
and approved”!

I like the simplicity of loading and unloading!  No straps, no bungee cords, nor ratchets, just quick loading and unloading.  Perfect if you are bangin’ off laps on a packed road with friends!

Check out this VID!

Check out Powderack online. 


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RJ says:

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