November 18th, 2008

Quartz Creek UPDATE Nov 16

I was impressed at how many trucks were already in the parking area by 9:30am.  People are pumped and getting at it hard already.  nice to see.  


trail in was smooth from the parking lots to about 1/2 way.  then it got rough!  wups are never what you remember about last seasons rides,  but they can shake your memory around in a few seconds…  “oh ya, i hate wups!”

It was snowing lightly all day,  but it was warm and the snow was a little heavy.  There also seemed to be more snow down in the medow areas that up high.  I think there has been a lot of wind and in some spots you can kick the snow with your boot and find the ground..  but regardless, people were still trying to climb everything.. and i didn’t see anyone get towed out from smacking a rock.  Good news!  


As for the official word, Some say it’s ON!  some say not yet.    I like to think it’s a dimmer switch thats kinda setting a 75% “make a girl look hot” light to the area.. But the forcast looks wet coming up,

so the ugly lights could be turned on MAX at any time..  Watch out!!



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