Regular "To Do's" | Mountain Sledder
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Mountain Sledder | October 21, 2018

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Regular "To Do's" | Mountain Sledder

Regular “To Do’s”

For starters I always check the carbides or runners, whichever you might have.  The next thing you should check is your track tension and sliders.  A good general rule is to have no more then two fingers between your track and your rails when the rear end of the sled is raised.  As for the sliders, make sure you are not into the ware mark.  
Brake pads are something we all overlook.  Make sure you have pad left!  If you are running out, the amount of damage to the disc can be very pricey.  Belt tension is easy for the Doo clans out there, but there are other manufacturers out there that aren’t as easy to adjust.  Take the time adjust it properly and it’ll last much much longer.  
Plugs are next on the list.  Look are the carbon build up in the gap.  If there is a chunky build up, switch em’ up!  Plugs are cheap, a lot cheaper then a new top end!
The last thing I can think of right off is chain case oil.  Make sure you regularly change the oil.  At least once every 1000 – 1500 km.  
Hope these things help keep your rides safe, and trouble free!
You guys have any other regular tricks? 



Sean McCaig says:

everyone seems to forget about the nipples, they need love to, give em some grease and dont forget about the one hiding by the secondary clutch on the REV platform,

Kevin says:

But carbides also do last about four times longer.

Aaron Bernasconi says:

Carbides are a hardened steel attached to the runners. They are more expensive then simple runners, and can be considered ‘overkill’ for mountain riders. Way more important for flatlanders who need the strong bite on icy trails!

SwayZ SwayZ says:

Nevermind about the belt tension, I just watched the belt change tech tip! Very informative!

SwayZ SwayZ says:

What’s the difference between runners and carbides? And how do I check the belt tension on my Doo? Good info a_run, thanks!
I also check/tighten the bolts on my exhaust y-pipe.