March 19th, 2009

Research Research Research!

The first question I put in front of my self in this research battle is two-stroke vs. four.  It is definitely hard on my head because we do not have a Yamy dealer near my town.  I would like to go four stroke, but it isn’t overly practical.  BUT, that is where most of my research is based.  I’m pretty stoked on the new Nytro for 2010 so lets start with that.  
The three kits I’ve done most of my research on are Impulse Turbo, MCXpress Turbo, and Mountain Performance Superchargers.  All have their advantages, and all on paper (or screen) sounds amazing, but what I want to know is what is the easiest to work with?
Beyond the install how easy are they to dial in?  I am by no way new to the snowmobile world, but turbos and superchargers are new for me.  I plan on riding one next year and I’m trying to gather as much info as possible now.
If you have stories about yours, I’d love to read it and put it as a news item if you are interested.

Impulse: well over 300 hp with optional kits.
MCXpress: 240hp or 270hp (upgrade)
MPI: stage 1 = 220hp (11 lbs) / stage 3 = (well over 300hp)

Articles on each kit coming soon!