April 28th, 2009

Revy, Golden, Whistler, travel…

So far this spring we’ve been on the road hitting BC’s finest.  New locations, new zones, new machines,
new, new and new…
It has been fun, exhausting, ground breaking, and productive to say the
least.  With our first trip heading
to Revelstoke we watched some huge chutes being thrown down like ‘childs play’,
and some huge airs being chucked so nonchalantly that it was hard to tell just
how big they really where, both by some of the biggest names in our industry. 
Then off to Whistler to ride some of the 2010 machines to make sure they were
as badass as the manufacturers claimed they were (and yes, they were!).  Although ski-doo didn’t step up to the
plate, nor did Poolaris (was that one too many “o’s”??)(kidding Polaris, you know we love you too!), the 2010
Yamaha, and Arctic cat both have stepped it up huge.  If you are a Yamaman, you will not be let down!  The new Nytro 162 is so impressive,
even a Dooman like myself was very, very excited.  Throttle response, suspension, look, and functionality were
all stepped up, and this machine rocks!  As for the 2010 cat, you’ll get the opportunity to see what it can do this fall in movies like 509 films, and Slednecks 12.  Brett Turcotte has been absolutely slaying his 2010 Kitty,
and with 160 hp out of the box, it isn’t hard to tell it has a little something extra over the competition.  Obviously
Brett’s sled spent little time on the ground, but when it was, it was teaching
the snow a lesson on power, and traction.  Brett had only one mod on his machine, and that was a can.  I didn’t ask which model, but I’d have
to say it seemed like his machine was on speed, because he was hitting step ups
that no other machine was clearing, including a few mod jump sleds…
I had the opportunity to ride with the “Big Guns” on this trip such as Brett
, Cody Borchers, Cory Davis, Paul Thacker, and a few of their friends
and filmers.  It was unreal how big
these boys go.  I think I have a
rant about how much, or should I say, how little these boys get paid for the
huge risks they take, but maybe I’ll leave that for another article.
All in all, a crazy trip!  Check out
the next article for what I saw them do!