November 12th, 2016

Conditions Report: Coast Nov 12, 2016

Ola sea to sky sledders! Super pumped to be bringing you the ride and snow reports again for the sea to sky corridor! I have been receiving countless emails asking what the snow is doing up here to thought I would start off the reports for ya!

Now is a good time buy your local snowmobile club membership and to start going over all your gear and make sure you’re ready for the season. Make sure you read my article I wrote a while back with a checklist on what you should have on you while sledding this winter.

I have not personally taken my sled out yet this season since I was away and missed the window of fresh snow couple weeks ago, but I will give you my best report based on reports from close friends. I hiked up to the snowline (about 1600m) but it still very boney, don’t want to wreck the new 850!

Between October 22 and October 28, we got snow above 1600m, and lots of it, about 3-4 feet to be exact. Then a warm front swept through the corridor during the past week and a half with freezing levels above 3400m and it rained, lots of it, over 120mm (in a week and a half!). It has melted a lot of snow causing Pemberton to flood. Looks like this low is going to stick around all weekend with high temps and rain up to about 2400m. By Monday its looking like temps are going to start to drop and freezing levels will hopefully sit around 1200m-1500m. Bring on the snow (fingers crossed)!!

As far as the snow pack goes, in the words of Avalanche Canada “if there is enough snow to ride without hitting rocks or logs, there is enough snow for avalanches”. The temperatures are fluctuating big time over the past and future couple of weeks. Snow has not yet had the time and conditions to bond so please travel with care in wide open areas (alpine more specifically) especially where the ground is grassy or smooth. Although has not yet started their reports for the season, make sure to always check the reports before heading out into the backcountry. Average base is sitting at about 2.5 feet at about 2200m right now.

Reality check: wait for the snow! Still very boney and access is heinous!

The BC Snow Show is happening in Vernon, BC Friday night November 25 and Saturday November 26. Lots of awesome vendors and lots of awesome athletes under one roof! Check ‘er out!

Brohm Squamish – Seeing I do not head to Brohm to ride very often, Brody Fourchalk will be helping me out with the report for this location through out the season. Road up is “fun” in the truck! Parking at about 1km passed the cabin. Boney down low and kind of OK at the top. Hard rock ice till about 11am now when it starts to soften up.


Pic: Brody Fourchalk up Brohm at about 1500m on Nov 6 (before the monsoon rains came though)

Brandywine Whistler – parking pretty much just below Brandywine bowl =P pretty boney!


Photo: Kassia O’Connor – Brandywine bowl at about 1500m on Nov 6.

Rutherford Pemberton – No reports of anyone up there yet. This location is usually one of the last places to go early eason seeing the large creeks and cross ditches to cross.


Pic: Black Tusk snowmobile club web cam on Friday Nov 11

Hurley FSR Pemberton – People are still driving over the Hurley to Goldbridge and Bralorne in their trucks. No bueno for the sleds yet!

If ever you have any updates or events you would like me to share with the community please email them over to I can’t be in multiple places at the same time, so any updates given will help keep the most accurate updates be available. Your name will be given as credit and any photos are welcome as well!