December 10th, 2011

Ride With Chris Brown, GOLDEN BC

These Clinics are technical riding based focusing on sidehilling, downhill turning, panel drifting, and anything you want over and above!!  They will also focus heavily on backcountry safety, group dynamics, and of course some avalanche awareness talks.  There is so much to sledding other then just riding a snowmobile, and there is so much more to freeriding other then jumping off huge cliffs!  These Clinics are for you guys to ask questions and learn new skills to make your next ride day with your buddies even better!
We will be running the Clinics on Jan. 14th/15th with only a couple of spots left.  A new Clinic will also be run on Feb. 18th/19th that is wide open!  Lets fill them up!  We are capping the group size at 8 people to make sure our guests get the best opportunity to learn.
Feel free to email Chris at: