November 9th, 2008

Rob’s new beast!

Hey everyone, I hear
there are some questions about my new sled made by Forty1Thirty, so here we go.
It’s a purpose built mountain
chassis @ 240Hp and 445 (plus) lbs depending on race rails, skis, shocks and
Clear 10.7 Gal fuel tank
Full 14 point 4130
chromoly tube chassis heat-treated and powder coated for the most rigid
frame on the market making your suspension work properly and rider not feeling
the impacts. Ever ride down a trail at 35mph with 2-foot moguls sitting on the
seat?  We can!!!
Very low center of
gravity due to the engine placement along with a ‘front mount’ turbo system
producing 240HP on pump gas.
chromoly ball joints and steering bearing as a “no wear item”
and is by far the strongest we have found yet!
Carbon fiber tunnel
designed to be very efficient in a wind tunnel and to get rid of the snow
and air pressure associated with riding.  It also has non-stick capabilities with “function over form”
in my eyes.
Carbon fiber nose cone
cured for a sledgehammer hit
Chromoly a-arms and
spindles that are stronger than the OEM’S
Complete chromoly
steering system with no linkage for the tightest feel and durability
Front-end geometry is
designed to eliminate bump steering and directs shock impact into
rear trestle of the tunnel
Grated running
boards for clear “no build up” foot placement
and unparallel stability with our “side kick” side panels that
move you 7” forward on the out side of the frame making side hilling seem
We also added removable
aluminum running board traction if they ever wear out.
5 point removable roll
cage for super rigidity and access to clutching, and the rest of the engine
RMI DRIVE for the
lightest and strongest direct drive eliminating a heli ride from the
backcountry due to a broken chain.
EZ RYDE suspension that
has 16″, one of the best suspension skids on the market.  This suspension makes a 153 hook up
like a 163, and absorb hits only an MX-Z suspension could take!  No wonder you see all the riders using
them on the hill climb circuit.
Swing arm rear
suspension seat “RSS” with a Fox float SHOCK to give you an
additional 4″ of adjustable travel for softer or firmer ride. 
roller secondary with the most advanced helix in snowmobiling
ODDESSY dry cell
battery.  It might weigh one pound
more than stock, but it can take the hardest hits, day in and day out, and
still boost your truck at the end of the day!!
Fox Float EVOL for the
best bump absorption and widest range of adjustability.
Vented side panels
with a 230cfm/ft breathability and 875lb burst strength to cool the inside
without water intrusion.  
watt 3″ lights
Best handling, strongest
and most advanced sled probably ever produced.
And if that isn’t enough, it looks AWESOME!
That’s all I got for you for now!

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