September 26th, 2008

Simmons Skis & Propane Kits?

I’ve been to the old Simmons site a number of times, and was drifting around the internet today and stumbled upon the ‘NEW’ Simmons site!  New bold look, new skies, and new propane kits…!!!

For all you people out there who have not heard of the Flexi-ski, this double keel ski is amazing on the trail and offers incredible handling while side hilling in the backcountry.  The keels are positioned on the outer edges of the ski and this year the keels are squared offering superior traction.  They are also wider, now 10” for increased flotation over their previous ski.  For all you Original Flexi-ski lovers don’t worry, Simmons will still be offering their older model along with the Generation ii.  This is a serious step into the future that we (Simmons Ski lovers) have been waiting for!  Yeehaaa

On another note, ever since the Big Dawg Shootout last year in Whistler I have been infatuated with propane sleds.  I have to say I was definitely excited to see Simmons with a fresh new web page, but I was even more excited to see they are now doing custom turbo propane kits for the Apex.  I think this is the future for 4 stroke machines, and I’m glad to see a company with great attention to detail installing them!  Good luck Simmons!!

Exciting days in the snowmobile industry right now, check out Simmons new site!