October 4th, 2016

Ski-Doo Avalanche Seminars Throughout North America

Safety should be at the top of everyone’s ‘to do’ list when making plans to sled in avalanche terrain; BRP is making it easier by providing Ski-Doo avalanche seminars across Canada and the United states.

Ski Doo is taking the initiative to promote avalanche safety awareness in Canada with 23 seminars led by Jeremy Hanke, a member of the CAA
advisory board and a certified level 2 AST instructor. There will also be 34 seminars in the United States led by Mike Duffy, an avalanche professional with similar credentials.

“Snowmobilers’ safety comes first for BRP, which is why we are involved in the promotion of avalanche education,” said Mathieu Laforest, Global Ski-Doo Marketing director. “Together with our dealers, we’ve worked very closely with experts to design seminars that are engaging, educational and entertaining for snowmobilers.”

The seminars are open to everyone with all makes of snowmobile; for dates and locations visit:


Ski-Doo website at
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