Skidoo 1200 XP Turbo | Mountain Sledder
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Mountain Sledder | November 15, 2018

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Skidoo 1200 XP Turbo | Mountain Sledder

Skidoo 1200 XP Turbo

When it comes to development, Ken is the man!  He is well known in the mountain sledding world as the go to guy for questions that are well over the heads of most mechanics.  His new creation is no exception.  This beast has a dry weight of 485 lbs. and that is not a typo!  He figures it will weigh in around 515 when wet, but I’ll let him tell you!  
Check out the VIDEO from our interview with Ken at the Calgary Snowmobile and ATV Show!
We’d like to thank Ken for taking the time to chat with us, Thanks Ken.


Check out Specialty’s site at 


Aaron Bernasconi says:

Check the link in the article. I’m pretty sure they sell them on their site.

Pundy says:

Where do I get a set of those Specialized running board reinforcements? I can’t seem to find the on the web. That is one fine looking machine!!

Aaron Bernasconi says:

man was it ever. I hope we can ride it!!

Garry Taylor says:

sexy machine!