November 27th, 2010

Skidoo E-Tec

It’s funny how people are so loyal to certain brands and how against others they seem to become.  I started my sledding carrier as an Arctic Cat man back in the late 80’s with a JAG.  I loved them!  But, as I moved west my taste for the green machines dwindled and I found Doo.  I bought myself a REV and started learning the mountain way of life.
I stayed on the REV platform for a few years of course testing a few different models along the way before I finally reached the “XP” stage.  I personally never really mated my riding style with the XP platform, but was never unhappy with it.
I later had the opportunity to try a four stroke Yamaha and loved the torque for tree riding.  At that point I hadn’t tried boost, I was simply mesmerized by the REV like feel I had been missing for a few years.  Then came boost, and this is where I find myself today, still hooked on fourstroke boost!  Stoked on a super fun, reliable, and badass looking sled.
That being said I had the opportunity to try a new 2011 freeride a few days ago and it seems Doo has finally stepped up to the plate and developed the LONG awaited fuel injected technology.  
I think they nailed it too!  What a fun sled to ride with amazing throttle response!  I think if they could fit it in a REV like chassis they’d be really on to something!!  The throttle was easy to use not so jerky off the bottom end at engagement, and really stood up when you cracked it.  Super playful sled that I think many people have been waiting for!
Anyhow, if anyone is sitting on the fence between a carburetor or E-tech, spend the bucks you’ll be happy!   
I hear if you didn’t spring check one…. there might not be one around with your name on it…. YIKES!