December 15th, 2008

Ski-Doo XP 600 E-Tec

With the help of Al Bush of Valley Chainsaw in Pemberton and Gerry Dusessoy of BRP, I took delivery of my ’09 Ski-Doo XP 600 E-Tec last week. I just drove down to Colorado to see the kids and do a little riding.  The snow is pretty good here with 4-5 feet on the ground and snow forecasted all week…

I rode the 600 E-Tec the last two days, expecting it to be way underpowered at 10,000′ in CO but was stoked that it wasn’t that far off the power of the 800s.  This sled is going to be sick!  I just put Fox Evol Xs on the front and the Fox Air Ride suspension on the rear Friday and it’s awesome!  I can go full speed through the whooped out trail here with no worries.

I also put RSI bars, riser and grips on it.  Next week it will get Slydog skis and soon will be the Boondocker Turbo!  Boondocker Performance is going to install a pump-gas turbo on this bad boy pumping out around 190 hp at elevation!  It’s going to be reliable and with stock rideability. I can’t wait to get the turbo installed—who wouldn’t want a 420 lb sled with 190 hp on pump gas?

I went back and forth between the 1200 E-Tec 4-stroke and the 600 and decided to go with the lighter, more flickable of the two. Don’t get me wrong, the 1200 would be a sick sled too, but probably wouldn’t be as fun for big airs/drops or technical boondocking. Boondockers told me that a turboed 1200 already hit over 400hp on the dyno – that is insane!