December 31st, 2014

Sledder’s dictionary


Man, there are a lot of words out there these days, some are tricky. This should help.


Jeweet: Did you eat? Or, have you eaten yet?

Usage: “Jeweet? Yahtoo!” (see yahtoo definition)


Yahtoo: You ought to.

Usage: “Jeweet? Yahtoo!” (see jeweet definition)


Dangle: Technical maneuvers in the trees.

Usage: “Sickest dirty dangles bro!”


Dedangler: Mostly rocks or stumps, or any other hidden obstacles that could inhibit dangling.

Usage: “Bro you really mucked that dedangler.”


Shacked: The act of getting pitted by pow. (see pitted definition)

Usage: “Bro, you got soooooo shacked bro.”


Pitted: The act of getting barrelled by pow. (see barrelled definition)

Usage: “Duuuuuuude man, you got sooooo pitted.”


Barrelled: The act of getting shacked by pow. (see shacked definition)

Usage: “Guy, you just got soooooo barrelled!”


Roopjuice: 91 or higher octane gasoline.

Usage: “Ya bro I just gotta fill up with roopjuice and I’m ready.”


#OOTD: A hashtag acronym generated for high fashion in social media. (Outfit Of The Day)

Usage: #OOTD (underneath your Instagram photo of you in your OOTD)


Hunnits: A word used to describe the paper you’re gonna bring for a night out at the Riverhouse.

Usage: “I gotta stop at the bank and grab a rack of hunnits.”

Hot tip: A fiddy is half a hunnit.


Mirite?: Am I right?

Usage: “These are exceptionally tasty taters, mirite?”


Grease: This one is tricky. It is a noun, verb, and adjective. You actually have to pay attention to the conversation and pick up the context this word is used in.

Usage: “Bro, that was greasy.” (Referring to your bros sick dangle)

“Let’s grease a few after work.” (Enjoying a frosty* Pilsner after work) *Does not always have to be a frosty Pilsner, could be a room temp one too

“You greased er what?” (Inquiring if one has enjoyed a few too many Pilsners after work)

“You didn’t grease that did ya?” (Giving the apprentice shit for not lubricating u-joints)


Skid: Another tricky multi-purpose word. Pay attention.

Usage: “Sweet skid bro.” (Locking up the rear wheel on your bike, boning out your inside leg, throwin’ a ton of dust in the air, and laying that mother down)

“What a skid.” (Referring to the knucklehead who just got stuck on the trail up through the trees to your top secret zone, and kept it to the bars until a trench is dug so deep that the center of the earth is exposed)

“Ya that idiot got skidded.” (Referring to the recently canned roughneck that somehow dropped an entire 463 piece socket set down the 10 inch hole with 2 meters to go on a 4,987 meter, 4 and a half month long well).


Ape: Being called an ape is a serious compliment.

Usage: “That was a huge cliff you just hucked bro, you are a serious ape.”


Dome: The proper way to ingest a Monster.

Usage: “I just domed three Monsters bro,” or, “I just curb-stomped three Monsters to my dome bro.” (Can also use crush, skull, dummy, and send)


Pinterest: Don’t worry about it. If you don’t already know, you don’t need to know.

Usage: N/A


Crissy: A reference to Cristal; a prestige brand of Champagne produced by Louis Roederer. The word ‘Crissy’ is used to describe ones swag.

Usage: “Bro you’re lookin’ crissy in all your new Klim gear”.


– Count CDubula