March 17th, 2008


Slednecks is and
has been one of the more recognized ‘new school’ apparel lines, not to mention
it supports one of the most groundbreaking teams in snowmobiling.  Over
the past few seasons our industry has taken some drastic turns allowing each
and every one of us to push our riding potential. Because of this development
of “freeriding” like in other sports such as snowboarding, mountain
biking and of course motocross, someone has to step up and push that elusive
“limit” so the rest of us can develop around it.  Slednecks is all about
pushing the limits and sometimes a more controlled environment is essential.

Check out scenes
from the Slednecks Monster Energy Night of Records, featuring records by Paul
Thacker and Delene Dippel, as well as stunts by Slednecks Monster Energy
freestyle team riders Sam Rogers, Kourtney Hungerford, and Aleksander


This is pushing the limits!




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