February 26th, 2008

sledshot.com goes live

Launched in March 2008, sledshot.com is being developed as an independent focal
point for mountain sledding in N. America. Established to promote this
growing activity sledshot.com will give a single point of reference for the industry and all mountain sledders.
sledshot.com will prove to be one of the most
progressive and innovative websites in the snowmobile world. Daily news
updates will include up-to-date manufacturer’s reports, team news,
media releases and professional journalism and photography. With pro
reports, bro reports, photos and videos, tech and riding tips, as well
as a forum, sledshot.com will be the breeding ground
for mountain sledding information and technology. Ongoing expansion of
sledshot.com will include free classifieds and
an online store.
What does this mean for you? Advertise and publish news items on a site that new school sledders,
and old school snowmobilers view alike. The ideal opportunity to get
your information out there to the public in an environment where the
rest of the mountain sledding world is heading to get its’ information
and entertainment, to communicate and buy products and services.
sport is developing exponentially under our feet each year and with
growing climate change, growth trends will only increase. sledshot.com
provides an ideal environment to help promote what this amazing pastime
has to offer to industry and individuals alike.