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Mountain Sledder | October 16, 2018

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10 Comments "soft launch" | Mountain Sledder “soft launch”

Having problems registering? Contact Dave.

Currently there are a couple of system bugs which we are working on.

Check out this news item for a regular update on any known problems with the site:

  • No known errors (April 28, 2008)

As you will see, we have gone live with the news section, forum and photo gallery. You can also register online and create your profile. Check out the other areas of the website for some examples and information on what will be going live in the next month.
If you find any errors which are not listed above, have any queries or just want to give feedback, please contact us.

Future wish list includes:

  • Video Comments
  • Photo Comments
  • Auto Resize Of Embedded Images
  • Auto Resize Of Uploaded Images
  • PM Multiple Contacts
  • Member List & Links To Profiles / Contact List
  • What’s New – Link to Recent Additions

If there’s anything you’d like to see, contact us.


Dave Best says:

sweet – thanks J for all your help.

Jeff Stewart says:

Working great dave!

RJ says:

yeah ricky bobby!

ricky Edmonds says:

Hey guy’s finally got the regestration go through looks great. Talk to you soon about some rooooping!!!! Ricky

Dave Best says:

Hey Jeff – thanks for the update – I’ll have a look at this and do some testing – thanks again, Dave

Jeff Stewart says:

hey dave, ran into the same problem i had before with the orginal profile. Because this is my computer i use the ‘remember me’ option on the website here. Opening this as my home page wouldn’t allow me to reply to a post or start a new one, but once i had logged out and logged back in, it worked. Maybe its something along the ‘remember me’ option?


Dave Best says:

Guys: that’s cause there aren’t 4 topics! see bug report in the above news item which I will keep updated – I added some test topics which were then deleted – and the system didn’t update when I deleted them – we are working on fixing it.
Jeff: thanks for your feedback – if you’re happy to help sort this out, can you drop me (Dave) an email via our contact page with your phone number – if you don’t mind I’d like to call you and check something….

Aaron Bernasconi says:

I can’t see the ‘4’ topics in general chat either……almost like there isn’t any… haha

Dave Best says:

Jeff – we believe this is fixed – can you test from your end and let me know if you still have a problem. thanx djb

Dave Best says:

thanks for the feedback Jeff – we’ll work on the bugs this weekend and hope to have them fixed on Monday or Tuesday